Breeding Plan

The Jeogla and Wallamumbi herd has developed from a Hereford stud established in the 1830's. In 1971, an artificial insemination programme involving 1,200 Hereford cattle was carried out to create the Hereford Beefmaker breed, comprising 75% Hereford and 25% Simmental. The Hereford Beefmakers are a larger framed cow with high fertility, milking ability and growth rates.

For breeding purposes we generally target bulls with a thicker body and a moderate frame which can handle the harder seasons. This suits our clientele, who are mainly feedlots and EU producers. The breeds we used include Shorthorn, Charolais and Angus.

The Shorthorn bulls have been introduced with the aim of keeping the high fertility, high growth rates and increasing the carcase value.

Charolais bulls are purchased as terminal sires. They keep carcase quality to a premium and their progeny have shown impressive growth rates.

The Angus bulls also purchased as terminal sires are used as heifer bulls. These bulls provide low birth weight calves, with good 200 and 400+ growth figures and fit in well with our annual sales for feedlots and EU producers.