On Property Sales

MSA: N99-3415 | AQIS-EU: NA020169 | CATTLECARE: P2000001

Jeogla and Wallamumbi Station run two on-property cattle sales each year at the Jeogla Station yards selling on average 4,200 head per year.

The sales are done by auction run in conjunction with AuctionPlus and sale catalogues are available from AuctionsPlus usually 2 weeks prior to each sale: www.auctionsplus.com.au

All of the cattle are yard weaned for 6 to 8 days prior to a sale to ensure that they are quiet and easy to handle and are sold in deck size lots after being drafted into breed and weight ranges. The cattle are electronically tagged to meet AQIS-EU & NLIS requirements and transfers are processed by the Jeogla and Wallamumbi Station office.

Jeogla and Wallamumbi Station is EU accredited and holds MN3 Johnes Disease status and cattle vaccination and drench history is clearly set out in advertising, newsletters and invitations for each sale.

Morning tea and lunch is available at the station yards on sale days.