Chris Knox and Helen Alexander

We market the majority of our steers and non replacement heifers to fit the heavy end of the Cargill grid. We aim to finish a carcase at between 300 and 350kg with more than 7mm P8 fat cover at milk or 2 tooth. As regular carcase producers, we recognise the value of high yielding, easy finishing cattle that grow quickly and these days a must have for us is a good temperament. Fast cattle are always wary and the last to eat and finish. At this weight, all our cattle both heifers and steers have the opportunity to hit the same money on the grid.

We know the Jeogla cattle can perform on both grass and grain with early growth and quick finishing times. The majority of the cattle are gone in under 90 days on grain making them a most economical article to trade.

At Borah we are predominantly a seedstock producing business turning off 80 bulls per annum at our annual on farm bull sale. The by product of this business is pure Angus, pure Charolais and Angus/Charolais cross steers and heifers. We turn off around 200 to 250 animals through Cargill in a normal year when roughly 100 of these would be bought in cattle. When buying our trading cattle, we make sure that the cattle can grow into a heavy carcase, finish quickly and most importantly, hit the required grids when we want them to. Jeogla cattle have proven themselves to be able to do this for us over the years and we are always happy to pay for the right article if you know that they will reward you quickly.

We are situated in a dry farmland area 90 km west of Gunnedah NSW. The cattle all run on native and some improved pasture with little or no input while we wait for them to reach at least 450kg before beginning to feed them.

Below is Chris Knox with some of the pasture fed steers (including steers purchased at the Jeogla 09 Feb sale) ready to go onto feed.