Greg Upton

Upton Pastoral Company has been a repeat buyer of the Jeogla and Wallamumbi cattle for a number of years. The company is based on the Eastern side of Walcha where Mr Upton has embarked on a large development programme on his 8,000 acres. He presently runs 6,000 head, however he is moving towards running 8,000 head once all his country has been improved. The Jeogla and Wallamumbi cattle are fattened on highly improved New England pastures and fit well within the Upton Pastoral Company's requirements for an early season cash flow.

Mr Greg Upton states in his client feedback that:

"Upton Pastoral Company targets the EU Hilton Quota which at times, in the past has proven lucrative prior to Christmas. Due to the timing of the Jeogla and Wallamumbi sales and the age of the cattle marketed we can achieve, after 9 months on grass, excellent financial outcomes."

Mr Upton comments that, 'the cattle purchased from Jeogla and Wallamumbi Station have the ability to grow to high end weights within the required time frames, although the maturity patterns of a few cattle need to be monitored.'

At the Jeogla and Wallamumbi sales Mr Upton usually purchases the Shorthorn cross steers as pictured below.